Subject Pronouns

Review for Test 1

Here it is in one place!  Make sure you do more with all of it than just look at it or read it.  Flash cards,, English-Spanish lists, and your own study aids are necessary. Spanish Test I Review

Unit I: It’s All about Me

Here it is: All About Me Unit One Master List You will be learning to talk about your favorite subject– YOU- en espanol!  What’s included: Days of the Week, Months, Personal Descriptions, Friends, Familyand a few things that you like to do. Here is the Master List of Vocabulary and Phrases and Grammar basics that you’ll be […]

Spanish Subject Pronouns

If you’re going to speak Spanish, you’ve got to have the SUBJECT PRONOUNS down.  Sometimes just hammering the pronouns out, memorizing them, and doing activities with them work best. Here is a packet of fun activities for pronoun-practice.   Spanish Subject Pronoun Activities