Madrid, España

Let’s using our skills of asking for and giving directions in Madrid, the capital of Spain. Here are the major Sites in Madrid, or Los Lugares Famosos in a Word Find. Madrid Sopa de Palabras – Word Find Check out Yelp! España too.  Yelp Madrid Webquest Madrid – España  View more PowerPoint from John *

Clothing- La Ropa

Finally we get to talk about clothes and shopping! Master List: La Ropa Unit 4, Section 2 Unit 4.2 La ropa-Clothing Look Book Project Situations for Writing or Speaking Listening Activities 1. La Ropa-Clothing Podcast- Listening 1 Spanish 1 La Ropa 1 2.  La Ropa-Clothing Podcast- Listening 2 Spanish I La Ropa 2 Videos Here is a […]

Nos Vamos a México I: La geografía y los Mayas

Before we start our Día de los Muertos cultural readings and activities, you need to know about Mexico;s geography and some of its ancient history. Nos Vamos a Mexico: Geography & Mayas

Día de los Muertos

El Día de los Muertos is a fascinating celebration of loved ones who have passed away. It is celebrated primarily in Mexico and in some Latin American Countries. We are learning about its origins and history, rooted in Aztec beliefs and the Roman Catholicism of the Spanish Conquerors of Mexico. And we’re doing this all […]

La Familia en el Arte Hispano

Spanish Personal Descriptions

Here are some basic, used personal descriptions.  You can describe yourself, YO SOY, another person, EL O ELLA ES . . . , or a group, ELLOS SON. Be sure to watch the narrated slide show too.   alto- tall bajo- short fuerte-strong debil- weak flaco-skinny gordo- fat simpático- nice divertido- fun aburrido- boring inteligente- […]

Spanish Subject Pronouns

If you’re going to speak Spanish, you’ve got to have the SUBJECT PRONOUNS down.  Sometimes just hammering the pronouns out, memorizing them, and doing activities with them work best. Here is a packet of fun activities for pronoun-practice.   Spanish Subject Pronoun Activities

Welcome to Spanish I- Bienvenidos

Bienvenidos!  Spanish One is a first year Spanish course for the secondary student.  Fun, practical, conversational content and activities are emphasized! Spanish One works well for both rank beginners and for those who have had some experience and/or Spanish classes. The fundamentals of common vocabulary domains, practical conversation, and the basics of Spanish grammar are […]