Spanish Personal Descriptions

Review for Test 1

Here it is in one place!  Make sure you do more with all of it than just look at it or read it.  Flash cards,, English-Spanish lists, and your own study aids are necessary. Spanish Test I Review

Unit I: It’s All about Me

Here it is: All About Me Unit One Master List You will be learning to talk about your favorite subject– YOU- en espanol!  What’s included: Days of the Week, Months, Personal Descriptions, Friends, Familyand a few things that you like to do. Here is the Master List of Vocabulary and Phrases and Grammar basics that you’ll be […]

Spanish Personal Descriptions

Here are some basic, used personal descriptions.  You can describe yourself, YO SOY, another person, EL O ELLA ES . . . , or a group, ELLOS SON. Be sure to watch the narrated slide show too.   alto- tall bajo- short fuerte-strong debil- weak flaco-skinny gordo- fat simpático- nice divertido- fun aburrido- boring inteligente- […]