Unit 3: just Chillin’

So, what are you GOING TO DO? The Near Future

Time to talk about what YOU’RE GOING TO DO. All that you do is place a CONJUGATION of IR + a + an infinitive verb and you’ve got it. Yo voy a estudiar en mi casa. I’m going to study at home. Near Future Partner Activities Near Future Elena Story  

Sounding More Fluent- Using Phrase Connecting Words

You’re now ready to use longer phrases and sentences with a variety of words. It’s easy; just use phrase connectors, or conjunctions. They are officially called COHESIVE DEVICES.  See the Word Connector Handouts Phrase Connector Handouts

Unit 3: Places, los Lugares

You’ve got to go somewhere to have fun, right? You will talk about different places in Spanish, going to those places, and what you there too. Spanish Places- Lugares Vocabulary and Story Video Short– Daily Schedule and Places 1 Video Short- Schedule and Places 2 lugares & adverb circulating activity Reading with Written Responses: Juan Carlos […]

Unit 3: Just Chillin’-What I Do Outside of School

Finally . . .time to talk about what you do outside of school.  You will learn how to describe your interests, activities, and sports. You will also learn to talk the weather and about places. In the Grammar Zone, you will learn how to talk about doing things in the near future- Voy a bailar- […]