Unit 4- Oh

Madrid, España

Let’s using our skills of asking for and giving directions in Madrid, the capital of Spain. Here are the major Sites in Madrid, or Los Lugares Famosos in a Word Find. Madrid Sopa de Palabras – Word Find Check out Yelp! España too.  Yelp Madrid Webquest Madrid – España  View more PowerPoint from John *

Directions- Requesting and Giving

Asking for and then giving directions is a vital skill. Here are the materials for this mini-unit: Directions: Requesting and Giving The MASTER LIST, activities and the STORY are included. Directions Game Board

Clothing- La Ropa

Finally we get to talk about clothes and shopping! Master List: La Ropa Unit 4, Section 2 Unit 4.2 La ropa-Clothing Look Book Project Situations for Writing or Speaking Listening Activities 1. La Ropa-Clothing Podcast- Listening 1 Spanish 1 La Ropa 1 2.  La Ropa-Clothing Podcast- Listening 2 Spanish I La Ropa 2 Videos Here is a […]