So, what are you GOING TO DO? The Near Future

Time to talk about what YOU’RE GOING TO DO. All that you do is place a CONJUGATION of IR + a + an infinitive verb and you’ve got it. Yo voy a estudiar en mi casa. I’m going to study at home. Near Future Partner Activities Near Future Elena Story  

Daily Routine- La Rutina Diaria

Daily Routine Vocabulary and Activities Mi Vida Daily Routine Assignment– Required and done in class for a quiz grade Read & Write about Gabriela & Her Daily Routine Talking about your daily routine and time is a necessity. To know: despertarse= wake up, levantarse= to get up, banarse= to bathe, ponerse la ropa= to get […]

ER verbs

Now we’ve got -ER verbs. They work just like -AR verbs, but their endings are slightly different. You’ve got to know how to say ver=to see, comer=to eat, beber=to drink, comprender=to understand, correr= to run and aprender= to learn.  So many more too.    

Spanish -AR Verbs- More

You can’t have enough practice!   Choose a Study ModeScatterLearnFlashcards Study these flash cards | Study verbs flash cards

Spanish -AR Verbs

Now you know what an infinitive is: estudiar or hablar. They end in the -R and mean to . . . . Spanish verbs have to be conjugated in to the correct forms determined by the subject pronouns. Here is how they work: Verb Sequence 1 Verb Sequence 1.5  

Unit 2: Where I spend my time

Here are the master lists for Unit 2: Where I spend my time/Donde paso el tiempo. You are responsible for learning the the vocabulary, verbs, and phrases as we do them in class. You’ll learn to use home, school, classes, and telling time in Spanish.  And there is always more . . Unit 2 Master […]