Months and Dates

Months, Dates, and Your Birthday

Your birthday is important, right?  You have to know the Spanish months, numbers, and how to talk about dates. *Spanish months are not capitalized *The day is stated before the month– el primero de octubre Here are the handouts on Days of the Week, Months, and Dates. Spanish Days, Months, and Dates

The Spanish Months of the Year- Los Meses de Ano

Spanish months: los meses *months aren’t capitalized in Spanish enero- January febrero – February                     marzo – March abril – April mayo – May junio June julio July agosto August septiembre September octubre October noviembre November diciembre December The order of the day and date is reversed in Spanish, so you say September 8, […]

The Days of the Week- Los Días de la Semana

The Spanish Days of the week are: lunes martes miércoles jueves viernes sábado domingo **please note that they are NOT CAPITALIZED in Spanish. Here is a podcast or voice-recording of the days of the week, or los días de la semana. Spanish Days of the Week Here is our STORY WITH DAYS OF THE WEEK: […]