Spanish Verbs

So, what are you GOING TO DO? The Near Future

Time to talk about what YOU’RE GOING TO DO. All that you do is place a CONJUGATION of IR + a + an infinitive verb and you’ve got it. Yo voy a estudiar en mi casa. I’m going to study at home. Near Future Partner Activities Near Future Elena Story  

ER verbs

Now we’ve got -ER verbs. They work just like -AR verbs, but their endings are slightly different. You’ve got to know how to say ver=to see, comer=to eat, beber=to drink, comprender=to understand, correr= to run and aprender= to learn.  So many more too.    

Spanish -AR Verbs

Now you know what an infinitive is: estudiar or hablar. They end in the -R and mean to . . . . Spanish verbs have to be conjugated in to the correct forms determined by the subject pronouns. Here is how they work: Verb Sequence 1 Verb Sequence 1.5  

To Go- IR

Talking about going places is a must. IR= to go in Spanish. Remember, you need to use its CONJUGATIONS correctly, or use the conjugation that goes with the correct subject pronoun. See the slide show.

Unit I: It’s All about Me

Here it is: All About Me Unit One Master List You will be learning to talk about your favorite subject– YOU- en espanol!  What’s included: Days of the Week, Months, Personal Descriptions, Friends, Familyand a few things that you like to do. Here is the Master List of Vocabulary and Phrases and Grammar basics that you’ll be […]