Unit I: It’s All About Me

Unit 2: Where I spend my time

Here are the master lists for Unit 2: Where I spend my time/Donde paso el tiempo. You are responsible for learning the the vocabulary, verbs, and phrases as we do them in class. You’ll learn to use home, school, classes, and telling time in Spanish.  And there is always more . . Unit 2 Master […]

La Familia Project- Mi Family Tree

Here it is: your latest project. You will create a family tree of your family including: abuelos/grandparents, tíos, aunts and uncles, padres/parents, primos/cousins, tú/ you, tus hermanos/your siblings. Family Tree Project Handout & Rubric

la Sra. Fortín- mini autobiografía

Here is the power point I used at the beginning of school. Now you can make one about yourself too! You’ve learned how to say all of this about yourself.  

La Familia en el Arte Hispano

La Familia Vocabulary- Unit 1: It’s all about Me

Here is the FAMILIA VOCABULARY  and PHRASES.  Remember– if you print out the pages, you can omit printing the picture-pages. **Practice **Use quizlet.com Spanish Family Handouts & Activities

Review for Test 1

Here it is in one place!  Make sure you do more with all of it than just look at it or read it.  Flash cards, quizlet.com, English-Spanish lists, and your own study aids are necessary. Spanish Test I Review

Months, Dates, and Your Birthday

Your birthday is important, right?  You have to know the Spanish months, numbers, and how to talk about dates. *Spanish months are not capitalized *The day is stated before the month– el primero de octubre Here are the handouts on Days of the Week, Months, and Dates. Spanish Days, Months, and Dates

Likes & Dislikes- Gustar

Let’s talk about what you like and what you don’t like!  You use the verb GUSTAR to talk about preferences and it is used differently from regular old verbs. Me gusta la pizza.  I like the pizza. Me gustan las papas fritas. I like the french fries. Big idea: gusta is used for one thing […]

Unit I: It’s All about Me

Here it is: All About Me Unit One Master List You will be learning to talk about your favorite subject– YOU- en espanol!  What’s included: Days of the Week, Months, Personal Descriptions, Friends, Familyand a few things that you like to do. Here is the Master List of Vocabulary and Phrases and Grammar basics that you’ll be […]

Spanish Personal Descriptions

Here are some basic, used personal descriptions.  You can describe yourself, YO SOY, another person, EL O ELLA ES . . . , or a group, ELLOS SON. Be sure to watch the narrated slide show too.   alto- tall bajo- short fuerte-strong debil- weak flaco-skinny gordo- fat simpático- nice divertido- fun aburrido- boring inteligente- […]